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From: Ian Bridge
Subject: My Friend CodaReaders Warning;The following story, though based on real events, is a fictional account.
This story contains elements of sexual play between free oldyoung movies
minor boys. If this
subject matter offends you, or is not to your taste, or, if you are not of
legal age; then you should not read any further.This young free pics story written and posted by;
___________ `This Boys Life'
My Friend Coda
The school boys were running around the track, strung out in a long line
when they heard the coach's whistle. He hollered at them to hit the
showers, as class was about over. They stopped running and headed toward
the gym, and the boys locker room.
Once inside, the boys laughed and joked around as they went to their
lockers. younger girl toplist They began pulling off their sweaty gym cloths and filtered into
the showers, snapping towels at one another, and generally goofing off.
These were middle school boys, all of them were twelve to thirteen years
old. The first bell rang, in warning that they only had a few minutes to
shower and get dressed before having to hurry off to their next classes. Most of the boys were chattered away to each other, laughing and talking
as young girl fuck they soaped and washed their young bodies. Several of the boys kept
quietly to themselves. Perhaps a bit shy about their nudity, they rinsed
quickly and wrapping themselves in their towels they hurried back to their
lockers to finish dressing. blowjobs young teens Standing in front of their lockers, most of the boy's were drying off.
There was one boy sitting on the bench near the corner; he was all ready
dressed in his street clothes, sitting quietly and waiting for the bell to
ring. He was a cute boy, with short blond hair and pale blue eyes. He was
twelve, nudist pics young a bit small for his age perhaps, but he was a good looking boy with
a healthy tan, and beautifully smooth skin. A couple of the other boys
walked nude young women past him, giving him a dirty look as they did. "Hey Evan," one of them called out. "No shower again today? What's
the matter, does your pussy hurt?" he laughed, as did the other boy.
"Shut up Derek." Evan mumbled under his breath, without looking up."
"What's that?" Derek challenged. But the boy just sat on the bench and
said nothing. "How come you never take a shower, or even get undressed?
You must be a girl or something. Maybe your little pee pee is so small you
don't want anyone to see it." He laughed again. Just then another boy
came from the showers and stood between Derek and Evan.
"Cool it Derek." The new boy said. "Just leave Evan alone, he doesn't
need to hear your shit."
"Ewww, Coda to the rescue." Derek chided. But the new boy, Coda, just
shook his head and started to dry off with his towel, paying him no more
attention. The other boys walked away, laughing at themselves, and Coda
finished drying off and began to get dressed. The other boy, Evan, was
still sitting quietly on the bench, and he looked over at him.
"Thanks." He said, young pregnancy and quickly glanced again at the naked boy, as Coda
pulled on his underwear.
"No big deal." Coda answered him as he finished dressing. "Dude, why do
you let him tease you like that? I know he's nude young amateurs bigger than you, but he's a
pussy. Next time, just stand up to him and he'll leave you alone."
"I don't think I could do that." Evan responded, almost in a whisper.
Coda looked at him, and felt a bit sorry for the kid.
"Look, Evan, you seem like a cool kid. But, you're so shy that nobody
knows you. You need young perteen pussy
to open up a little, you know, make some friends."
Just then the bell rang and most of the kids started heading out toward
their next classes. Coda grabbed his backpack from his locker, then
turned, headed for the door. "Thanks again Coda." Evan said, as they walked out of the locker room
together. "I guess you're right. I do want to make a few friends." He
paused, "So, I was wondering, maybe if you wanted to, you could come over
to my house after school. I mean, if you want to." The boys stopped and
Coda looked at him for a moment.
"Well, ya. I guess that would be ok. gay young boys
I can't stay too long though,
`cause my moms got stuff I have to do, but we could hang out for awhile if
you want." Coda said, and he could see Evan's face brighten. When school let out Evan waited outside the front doors till he saw Coda
come out, and the boys got on their young nude male
bikes and headed off down the road.
They talked as they rode, getting to know each other a little better.
After awhile they rode up to Evan's house, dropped their bikes in the front
yard and walked up onto the front porch. Evan took out his key and
unlocking the door the boys went inside. Standing in the entryway, Coda
slipped off his shoes, but noticed that Evan had an young little modles odd look on his face.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"Oh, uh, nothing. Come on, grab your shoes and let's go up to my room."
And the boys headed up the stairs and into Evans bedroom. young teens erotic "I've gotta'
change out of my school clothes." Evan said. "You can play a video game if
you want." And he turned on his TV and game console for him, then grabbed
up a young dark nudes shirt and jeans, "Be right back." He said. Coda sat on the bed and started a game; wondering if Evan had left the
room just to change. He played the game for a moment, until his new
`friend' came back into the bedroom, and dumped his school clothes sex asian young
into a
hamper in the closet. Evan then showed the other boy all the cool stuff he
had in his room, and he seemed happy to have a friend there.
"So, can I ask you something?" Coda wondered.
"Sure, I guess... What?"
"Well... When we got here, I took my shoes off and you looked kind of
uncomfortable. young party girl
And just now, you left your bedroom just to change your
clothes. What's up with that?" He saw Evan blush a little. young fresh teenz
"It's no
biggie, I was just wondering?"
"I don't know. I've always been kind of shy. My parents free young girls don't like any
kind of nudity, so it kind of made me, young babe porn well, weird that way I guess."
"Is that why you don't take showers at school?" Coda cunt stuff young asked him, and
Evan blushed again.
"Ya, I guess. I'm just..." He looked at the floor, "Scared."
"Why?" Coda asked. "Dude you don't have to be scared. We're all guys;
we all look the same you know. You look like everyone else to me."
"I suppose. It's just hard for me, and Derek and Jason make fun of me."
Evan told him.
"That's because you're acting different when you don't shower. If you
did, then you'd be like everyone else, and no one would notice!"
"I guess." Evan responded, looking at Coda. Then he changed the
subject. "So, you want to go out into young ladies undressing
the backyard and kick the soccer
ball around for awhile?"
"Sure, that would be cool." He answered. And the two boys headed down
stairs and out to the backyard. Evan had a small goal set up, and the boys
booted the ball around, taking turns at being goalie, and taking shots at
one another. Coda was surprised, because Evan, this shy boy, was actually
quite good. After about an hour, Evan's mom came home from work. She met Coda, and
later brought out some soda's and snacks for the boys. They talked, and
rested for young gay blowjob
a bit, till Coda realized what time it was, and had to head for
home. The boys walked out to the driveway, and stood for a moment.
"Thanks for coming over." Evan finally said.
"Ya, we had fun. You're cool to hang out with Evan." Coda answered,
climbing onto his bike. "Guess I'll see you at pussy young pic school tomorrow." He began
riding down the drive, then turned to look back at Evan, who was still
standing in the driveway.
"Hey," he called back. "Tomorrow's Friday, I was thinking maybe you
could spend the night this Blonde young teen weekend?"
"Really? Ya, that would be cool. Old young girl Let me ask my mom and I'll talk to
you tomorrow about it." They waved to each other as Coda rode off down the
block, heading for home.
At school the next day, Evan told Coda that it was okay for him to spend
the night, if the other boy still wanted to. The boys had three classes
together during the day, so they made their plans there.
They had decided that they would get together Saturday morning, and
spend the day messing around. Evan was excited and thought about it most
of the day. He didn't have too many friends, and really no close friends.
He had always liked Coda, russian nude youngest though they had never young black lesbian really interacted. Evan knew that Coda was one of the `cool' kids. He was very popular at
school. He, just like Evan, wasn't very big for his age but he was a good
looking, cute boy. He was lean, and had a firm, atheletic body. He had
soft brown hair, which accented his tanned, boyish face, and a beautiful
smile with charming dimples that the girls loved. His eyes were intense
green pools that seemed to sparkle when he smiled. Evan had always admired the other boy, but was way too shy to have ever
tried befriending him. Before this, they had really not even talked much
together. They shared the three classes, and in their PE class, Evan had
peeked at him several times while he was wery young girls showering and changing. He
thought Coda had a beautiful body, and he always noticed that the boy
wasn't circumcised, which Evan found surprisingly interesting.
The rest of the day seemed to drag on for Evan, he couldn't wait for young girl cumming the
weekend. Coda on the other hand, was much more relaxed about young blond it. For him,
it was just another day. He had lots of friends, and he often had
sleepovers on the weekends. But, he knew it was something special for
Evan, and it kind of made him happy that he was helping his new friend feel
like he fit in.
Saturday morning brought with it a nice warm sunny day. Just before
eleven, Coda got on his bike and headed down the block. He rode to the
store, where he and Evan had agreed to meet that morning. As he pulled up,
he saw Evan was already there sitting on his bike. He had his backpack
with him, and a small sleeping bag, and he waved to Coda as he pulled up. "Hey!" Coda greeted him as he rode up alongside. "Got you stuff?" he
remarked, looking at Evan's sleeping bag. "You didn't have to bring a bag
though, I have a huge bed, and we have all sorts of sleeping bags if we
want to use them."
"Oh, ya. I wasn't sure, so I thought I better bring one." He smiled at
"So, I guess we should head to my house, young virgins pictures and we can dump your junk.
Then we can head to the mall and hang out till the movie starts.
"Ya that's cool." Evan answered, and they began riding back to Coda's
house. Evan was impressed, as they rode up the driveway. The house was a
very large, new two story home, with a huge yard, and a three car garage.
The boys walked up onto the porch, then went inside where Coda immediately
slipped out of his shoes. He smiled very young imagboard
at Evan.
"It's okay dude. We always go barefoot around here. Kick your shoes
off." Which Evan did, after a moment's hesitation. "We're gonna' get you
over this shyness thing". Coda promised, putting his hand on the other
boy's shoulder. He showed Evan around the large house, then took him up to his grandpa young sex
tossing both his pack and sleeping bag onto a large comfortable chair that
he had there.
"Wow!" Evan commented. "You room is huge; and crap, you have your own
bathroom!" The room was indeed large. It had a queen size bed, a desk in
the corner, and two young child orgasm
comfortable chairs with a small side table in-between.
There was a flat littel pussy young screen TV on the wall above his stereo, and yes, Coda had
his own bathroom connected to his bedroom. "We better head to the mall." Coda said. "I'll show you the rest later.
Come on, we better pee before we leave." And he walked into his bathroom,
with Evan tentatively trailing him. Coda unzipped, pulled himself out and
positioned himself to one side of the toilet.
"Don't you close youngest babies porno your door?" Evan xxx young nude asked from the doorway.
"Why? It's just us dude. Come on, don't you have to go?" Evan nodded
slowly, but young boy toplist was clearly blushing. "Come on, it's okay." Evan took a few
timid steps forward and stood alongside Coda, who had begun to pee. He
looked down shyly, and fumbled with his zipper. His heart was racing as he had never done this before. Evan glanced
over at his friend. His eyes widened as he looked at Coda's uncircumcised
penis, squirting into the bowl.
"Come on dude. Don't be shy; this is your first lesson. Don't think
about it, just pull it out and pee with me." Evan was uncomfortable, but
he wanted to fit in. He decided it was now or never, and he pulled his
wiener out of his ukrain young girls shorts. He stood nervously for a moment, then began to
pee along side his friend. Coda glanced over at him, and then looking down, he checked out Evan's
penis. He was circumcised, typical size for a twelve year old, with a
smooth pink mushroom of a cockhead.
"See, that's not so bad, is it?" Coda asked, smiling at his young nude nubiles
friend. He
finished peeing, shook off and tucked himself back in while Evan was just
finishing. "If you shake it more than twice, you're playing with
yourself." He laughed.
"Huh?" Evan didn't get it.
"It's a joke dude. You know, shake it. Like jacking off..!" But he
could see Evan was still in the dark about it. "You... You do jack off
don't you?" he asked.
"No. youngest fuck
I mean, what do you mean?" young nonude galleries
Evan asked, blushing a bit.
"Dude! We have a lot work to do. But I think you're gonna like it!
Now come on, we have to get going if were going to see the movie. We'll
talk about this stuff when we get back." The young teen foto
two boys headed downstairs, jumped on their young black guys bikes, and started
riding toward the mall. Evan's mind was racing. As shy as he was, he had
done something he'd never done before. And from the sound of it, his new
friend was determined to help him get over his shyness. He wondered what
Coda had in mind for him..._______PART TWO________ The boys spent most of the day at hacked young porn the mall, and a bit to Coda's
surprise, they had young nubile pics a great time. After the movie, they had gone to the
playfield and spent the rest of the afternoon playing soccer with some
other boys. Late in the afternoon they childrens young fucking headed back to Coda's young banana boobs
house, and up
to his room.
"That was fun Evan!" Coda commented, "Dude, you're a pretty good soccer
"Thanks. We made a really good team, didn't we?!"
"Ya, we did." Coda smiled. The boys had played hard, and worked up
quite a sweat during the game. "Did you bring a change of clothes?" he
"Yep, got some in my sucking young backpack." Evan answered.
"Good. Let's get cleaned up. We can take a shower and get changed."
Coda pulled off his tee shirt, and grabbed some fresh clothes from his
dresser. Evan had zipped open his pack and pulled out a new pair of shorts
and underwear. "So, who gets first shower?" Evan asked. Coda gestured to his bathroom,
indicating Evan should go. So the boy turned and headed into the bathroom.
He was starting to close the door, when he saw that Coda had followed him
in. What's...?"
"Dude, you want to get over your shyness, or what? Coda said. He could
see Evan blush, and there was a nervous look on his face. "Look, the kids
like Derek will always pick on you if you don't learn to relax and fit in.
If you can't be naked, or even change in front of other kids, you'll always
be a target to those dicks. Relax dude... It's no big deal, take your
shower." Evan was kind of scared. He knew Coda was right, but he'd never been
naked in front of any one. Not even his parents had seen him in the all
together since he was nine. He swallowed uncomfortably.
"You're over thinking this man. Don't think about it, just do it." Coda
prompted. Slowly Evan pulled off his shirt, then sat on the toilet seat
and began taking off his socks. He young pree teens peeked up to see Coda was standing
there watching him. He had stalled as long as he could, so he stood up and
undid the button on youngest boys mpgs his shorts and took them off. Evan closed his eyes and
took a long breath. Coda genuinely felt sorry for the kid. He could see how hard this was
for him. Slowly Evan hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear,
and with out thinking, he pulled them down, letting them fall to the floor.
He stood still for many seconds, his eyes still closed, his hands crossed
in front of his boyhood. Coda looked at the russian young porno naked boy in front of him and smiled. He had a very
nice body, smooth, lean and trim. The boy's penis lay loosely over his
testicles, which hung close to his body in their silky sack. There were no
pubes yet, and Coda thought his friend looked really nice. He looked up to
see that Evan, his eyes still closed, seemed to be near tears.
"It's okay..." Coda said quietly, and then out of the blue he leaned in
and nude young lollita gave Evan a brief hug to reassure him. Evan opened his eyes, and saw
Coda's smiling face. "You look good." Coda said. "You don't have any
reason to be embarrassed." He turned and slid the shower door open, then
turned the water on. Evan came out of his daze, glanced at Coda and then walked into the
shower. He let the warm water wash over him. He had survived. Coda
seemed really cool about it, and he began to relax. He heard the shower
door slide open further, and turned to see Coda, naked, step into the
shower behind him. "What are you doing?" he asked.
"Taking a shower dude." Coda grinned. "Just like in school! Not so bad
is it?" Evan didn't answer at first, but soon they began to talk about all
kinds of things while they showered, and Evan was beginning to relax. He
snuck several peeks at his friends' uncircumcised penis. It looked nice,
perhaps three and a half inches, and that interesting foreskin. He could
see Coda had no pubic hair either. He wanted to look more, but didn't
"Want me to wash your back?" Coda suddenly asked him. Evan shrugged,
not at all sure if he wanted any part of that. Coda just grinned, and putting his hand on Evan's shoulder, he turned
his friend away from him. Grabbing the bar of soap he lathered up his
hands, then began to scrub Evans back. He rubbed his soapy palms across
the other boy's shoulders and upper back.
Evan stood, eyes closed, feeling totally awkward, and yet, Coda's firm
warm hands felt wonderful as they slid around on his back. Coda continued
his gentle scrubbing, moving his hands lower, and lower, until at last his
soapy fingers rolled over Evan's smooth buttocks. Evan drew in a sharp breath, but Coda had continued on down his legs,
right to his heels. "There," he said. "Now you can do mine please." And
he stepped in front of Evan, standing with the warm shower spraying his
front. Evan, now behind him, stood for a moment, swallowed hard and
noticed young and aspiring his breathing was ragged. This was, totally not young lezbian incest
like anything he'd
ever done. He had no idea what he was feeling. It was an odd mix of
tension, and excitement.
Tentatively he took the soap in his hand, and timidly began washing
Coda's back. This was, well, unbelievable for him. amateur young pain
Coda's warm skin felt
incredible to touch. It was smooth, firm, amazing. He washed Coda's back, feeling the smooth curve of every muscle young topless beaches beneath
his touch. Surprising even himself, he ran his hands across the round
globes of Coda's butt cheeks, then washed his thighs, and continued down to
the shower floor. When Evan stood up, he was shocked to see he was getting
a stiffy. He was embarrassed, and quickly turned his back so Coda wouldn't
see him.
"You did good." Coda said, turning to look at him; then he smiled.
"Getting a stiff are you?" This caused Evan to turn beet red. "Come on
bro, its normal. Look, young pubes I've got one too." Evan glanced down to see Coda's dick was also half erect. The head of
his boy tool was just showing young bare pussy
beneath his stretched foreskin. He looked
back up quickly, to see a warm grin on Coda's face. Though he was young nude forum still
embarrassed, he thought his friend was really cool. And both boys had a
good laugh.
They got out of the shower and started drying off, and though Evan was
still a bit uncomfortable being naked with someone else, he never the less
recognized that he had really taken a giant step forward with his shyness. He peeked over again at Coda, who was drying his own crotch with the
towel. Coda dried his balls, then peeling back his foreskin; he wiped the
purple head of his cock. Evan shivered at the sight of it, and felt his
own penis twitch. He looked away, and quickly pulled on his clean
underwear, tying to cover his stiffening cock.
The boys finished, and each of them pulled on a pair of shorts and a tee
shirt. Evan took a pair of ankle socks from his pack, but Coda shook his
"Nah, dude. I always just go barefoot around the house." Evan nodded
and tossed the socks back into his bag. The boys hopped on Coda's bed, young palace laid back and then spent the next hour
just talking. They were lying side by side, and when Evan stretched out at
one point, their young teens photos bare lower legs came to rest against each other, and
neither boy pulled away. They talked and laughed, and found that they had a
lot in common. After a moment silence, Evan looked squarely at Coda.
"I really like you." He said. "You've been really cool to me. Thanks."
"It's all good." Coda answered. young porno kids "I wish we got to know each other
sooner, `cause I like you too." He playfully moved his bare foot brushing
it over the top of Evans. They smiled at one another, and innocently
played footsie, trying to pin each others toes. After a while, Coda's mom called the boys down for dinner. They went
downstairs and gobbled young girl bathing
down the spaghetti that she had made. The boys
continued their little game of foot rubbing, under the table, casting
sideways looks and grins at one another.
And, with dinner finished, Coda's mom dished up two large bowels of ice
cream, and let the boys take them upstairs to his bedroom. They eagerly
went upstairs, and Coda closed and locked his bedroom door behind them. "There. Now it's just us, dude." He smiled. Turning on his flatscreen
TV, the boys lay across Coda's bed to watch and finish their ice cream.
"Wanna' watch a movie? He asked.
"Sure, whatcha' got?" Evan asked. And the boys looked through all of
Coda's DVD collection, finally deciding on a James Bond movie.
"So, let's get comfortable for this." Coda said. He pulled off his Tee
shirt, unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall to the floor. Wearing only
his undies, he jumped onto his bed. Evan smiled at him, hesitating only a
moment, and then he slipped out of his shorts and Tee shirt as well. They started the movie, and lay on their bellies, side by side with
pillows sex young mpg propped up under them. Evan had never felt this close to anyone
before. A few days ago, he was so shy; his parents hadn't even seen him
without his clothes on in years. Neither had anyone else for that matter.
Yet, here he was, wearing only his undies, lying comfortably with his new
friend so close that he could feel the warmth of the other boy's skin
against his. He was so happy with these changes, that he innocently put his arm
around Coda's shoulders, to show his appreciation. He would never have
even thought of doing such a thing just a day ago.
Coda looked over at him and could see the joy in his friend's eyes. He
grinned, and then leaned over and gave Evan a gentle kiss on his cheek,
then returned his focus to the movie. Evan's life was changing. And the
stiffy now growing in his underwear was just another positive sign of that. They finished their movie, look young tgp then began watching some TV show. Evan
reached back around him with his arm and tried to scratch an itch on his
back, but it was just at his shoulder blade and he couldn't quite reach it.
"I got it for ya..." Coda said, reaching out his hand he began
scratching Evan's shoulder blade.
"Ahh, thanks, that's feel great." young babes angel
Evan responded. And with that, Coda
got up onto his knees, and straddling his friend's legs, all the while
rubbing and scratching the boy's upper back. He scootched up so that he
was sitting across Evan's butt and upper thighs.
This was feeling wonderful, the back rub felt so good beneath Coda's
warm, firm fingers. But something else felt good to him too; Coda's
equally warm, bare legs were pressed tight against his own. His friend
began rubbing up and down his back, leaning forward and back as he did so.
Evan could feel the other boy's package against his buttocks each time he
leaned youngest of teenies
Coda began to scratch lower and lower, firmly massaging Evan's lower back
and the top of his butt. At one point, he took hold of the waistband of
Evans undies, and pulled them halfway down his butt, continuing his
It was odd, but it felt great to Evan, as Coda began sliding his palms
on Evans ass, and he let a small contented sigh escape his lips.
"How's that feel?" Coda asked.
"Mmmm, it's fantastic." Evan mumbled, as he crossed his arms in front of
him, and rested his chin on them. He closed his eyes to enjoy the feeling.
Coda smiled down at him, and began rubbing even lower, now sliding his
fingers lightly into his Gay young friends
friend's nymphs young butt crack. He grabbed Evan's undies again, and pulled them down further, exposing
all of Evan's firm round cheeks. He began massaging young filipino girls
again; now sliding his
fingers deeper into young titless teens the other boy's crack, even letting them rub young latina pussy young pre cuties
across his young boy young free russian
Evan lay there, surprised at what was happening, but he was totally
caught up in the moment. Each time Coda's fingers slid over his pucker, he
sighed lightly. He even lifted his hips a bit, so that his butt crack
spread slightly, making it even more accessible to Coda's gentle fingers. Coda continued rubbing, then pushed his hand further between Evan's
legs, petite very young and gently cupped the boy's silky smooth scroatum in his palm. Evan
shivered beneath him, and looked back over his shoulder.
"Are you sure we should be doing this?" he asked young lollita pic
shyly. Coda just masturbate young amateur gave
him a boyish grin.
"Do you want me to stop?" he asked. young toon Evan shook his head, smiled
contentedly and again rested his head on his arms. Cody rubbed gently,
individually fingering Evan's testicles. Evan was experiencing things he'd never dreamed of. He could feel that
his penis had gone totally stiff, and though no one had ever seen, let
alone touched him like this, he really didn't care anymore. He felt Coda
move his hand further forward, and softly fondle his erect boy pole.
"Ohhhh..." be breathed out another gentle moan as Coda continued to rub
him. Several minutes went by, then Coda stopped and he lay down on his
side, facing his friend.
"Want to try something else?" Coda asked. But with out warning, Evan
lunged young teens nudity
forward and pressed his lips onto Coda's. He had young nips
surprised even
himself with such a bold action. Coda grinned at him, then he leaned in
and parting his lips, he pressed them moistly to Evan's. They lingered
there, wetly kissing each other, lips parted.
Coda slid his tongue free young pics forward, licking the other boy's lips, then
pressed forward entering his mouth. Evan's eyes opened wide; surprised by
this new feeling, then he shut them again, and merged his tongue with his
friends. Coda pulled back, smiled, and then he slid down lower alongside his
friend. His face was at the other boy's crotch, and he leaned in kissing
Evan's cock. He stuck his tongue out and ran it up and down the length his
boy shaft. Moist, wet, he continued licking the rigid member. He kissed
softly, to young porn nuzzled, then sucked Evan's testicles into his mouth; playfully
tickling him. Evan was moaning with delight.
"I have an idea." Coda said. He pulled away, and rolling onto his
back, he slipped his own underwear off. Then he switched around so the
boys were laying head to crotch, and he offering himself to Evan, he
returned to suckling Evan' tool. Evan was in heaven. He examined Coda's erect dick, right there in his
face. It was swollen, engorged, and he marveled at how beautiful this
boy's meat looked to him. He took it into his trembling fingers, pulling
Coda's foreskin down, fully exposing the moist purple cap. It was Awesome.
At the same time, he could feel Coda wrapped wetly around his own cock,
and he rolled his eyes back at the wonderful new sensations that were
pulsing through him. He leaned in, and nestled his nose into Coda's naked
junk. He breathed in his boy smell; the pleasant aroma of fresh warm boy
sweat. He nuzzled his balls, licked at the soft, tender sack that held
them. young nude sites
Evan ran his wet lips up the shaft, stopping again to stare at this
beautiful mushroomed cap in front of him. There was a huge drop of amber
liquid, oozing from the slit at its tip. His eyes widened as he gazed at
it. Without any thought, he moved his lips to it, and felt the sticky
sweetness slide across them. He licked at it then, and he could hear a
contented moan come from the other boy. He sucked in Coda's cock and began
working him. On the other end, Cody was diligently stroking Evan's cock in his
mouth. He stopped for a moment, pulling back and let the penis slowly
slide free from his lips. He then stuck his middle finger into his mouth,
and coated it wetly in his own spit.
Reaching his hand back between Evan's thighs, and using his other
fingers to spread butt cheeks, he used his spit covered middle finger, and
began rubbing the soft pink pucker of Evan's anus.
Slowly, he ran it around the warm opening, then he slid youngest sex boys
the wet
fingertip inside. He wiggled it around then let it slide back out.
Rubbing again, he then reentered the boy's tight anus. This time he
inserted it to the second knuckle, and he could hear Evan squeal with
delight. Both boys were hot with excitement, but for Evan, young incest hardcore
this was all new to
him. He felt his legs twitch. There were feelings deep inside him that he
had never known. brunette young His breathing was ragged, as his eyes rolled back.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh..." He moaned free young nymphos as his feet twitched, and americas young shemales his toes curled and
twisted as his entire body seemed to be charged with extreme
feelings. "Ohhhh... Ahhhhhrrrrrrr..."
All at once his groin began to seize and tingle, every muscle in his
body rigid... And young pakistani sexy
then he burst into a newfound orgasm. His anus clenched
tightly around Coda's finger that was still buried there, Hung young
as pulses of
extreme feeling raged through him.
Coda never stopped sucking. He had felt Evan go tense. He could feel
Evan's wet juicy anus lock around his finger, and Evan's cock seemed to
swell in his mouth just as young upskirt porn
his boy sauce squirted from it. One, two, three
pulses of younger preetens warm ejaculate pulsed into his mouth, followed by several more
dry ones. He could hear Evan moaning. Finally he slid back slowly easing
Evan's spent penis from between his lips. He withdrew his finger from his
friend's anus, and rubbed it gently around the rim. He savored the flavor of his friend's sticky spew in his mouth. Finally
Coda turned his body around and lay face to face with Evan. The other boy
still had his eyes closed. youngest girls thumbs He was breathing hard through his open mouth,
and slowly his face relaxed. Coda leaned in and kissed him gently on his
open lips.
"What... What happened to me?" Evan breathed innocently.
"You came, dude. You just had an orgasm, and squirted your cum into my
mouth. Was that your first time?"
"Yes..." Evan whispered, as Coda looked at young teen topliste him. He pulled back and he could see a nn young galleries tear slowly roll down Evan's cheek;
his eyes still gently closed. Coda was confused. "What's wrong Evan? Are
you alright?" Evan slowly opened his eyes, another tear leaked from them.
Finally a soft smile spread his lips.
"Coda." He said. young petite cunt "This has been the best day of my life! No one has
ever made me feel so, so happy." nudes very young
His face brightened into a warm smile,
and he pressed his lips onto Coda's. They both closed their eyes,
lingering there, breathing in each other's breath. It was Coda who began to tear up now. He could see how much this new
friendship meant to Evan. And, though he had quite a few friends already,
he knew that there was no one else in his young life like Evan.
"I have a lot more to show you." Coda said. "But we can do that another
time." He finished, looking into Evans soft eyes. "That would be cool." Evan answered. "But right now I want to make you
feel the way you made me feel." He reached out, rolled Coda onto his back,
and then he lay across him. He grinned once, then young nudist pic began swirling his
tongue around Coda's now soft penis.The End...Thanks for reading. Comments welcome at,
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